Testing. Why is it Important?

Our CBD Product Testing is the Most Important Aspect To Building Long Term Consumer Trust


Building Trust into Our Process.

Ask  your current CBD provider for testing and see how they compare to our  products.  The majority of what you will find on the market today is  harshly extracted using butane, pentane, hexane or ethanol or uses  isolate to compensate for inferior plant material. 

We know what makes  our products work and why others don't. 

 To ensure the highest quality products in  the world, every product that leaves our facility is tested through  third party Colorado approved and regulated labs. Every product must  pass a rigorous 6 panel test for Potency, Terpene, Bio-Contaminate,  Residual Solvent, Pesticides and Heavy Metals. No matter where you  decide to get your CBD, please ensure that testing like this has been  done to ensure the safety of the end user and legitimacy of the vendor.  

Our proprietary extraction  method retains more of the plants beneficial components. Our plant  material is grown right here in Colorado and our extract is tested  through Metrc state licensed facilities.  These labs utilize HPLC (High  Pressure Liquid Chromatography) to produce the most accurate and  verifiable test results. 

*All of our products come with a QR code on the bottom of each product. Simply scan the QR Code to get the the test results of that particular product. 

Each Batch is tested 3 times,

  • First: Once the Hemp is Harvested

  • Second: After it is Extracted in our CO2 SuperCritical Extractor

  • Third:Final test is done once product is completed and ready for Consumer Sale. 

*If you require testing for any of our products please E-mail info@cbdlifeusa.com  with the lot # of the product in question and we will provide you the testing.

    Want to Know what Terpenes do?
Want to Know what Terpenes do?