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MediRx+ Has Pre-Launched a new Line of Tinctures with Infused Terpenes. Their new Tinctures come in 600mg, 1200mg and 2400mg Doses and come in a standard 30ml or 1oz Amber Bottle.

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2400 Mg CBD Tincture with Terpenes infused


Will H.  Verified Reviewer  10/27/18

"Best Tinctures Ive Tried. The 2400mg is great for direct back pain.. I finally found my savior! "


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MediRx+ Muscle Salve 2400mg will help with Muscle aches and more

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2400Mg Tincture Tested


This by far has been the most effective CBD Product Tincture we have released to date and reviews . 

Our Tinctures start out with CO2 SuperCritical Extraction of only the finest Colorado Certified Organic Grown Hemp that are then Infused with Beta Mycrene & Beta Caryophllene Terpenes For Increased Effectiveness. Flaovrs include Natural, Mango and Coffee.